Minus is a finite social network where you get 100 posts—for life.

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Minus is a finite social network where you get 100 posts—for life. While you can reply to a post as often as you like, every time you add to the feed, it subtracts from your lifetime total. When you reach 0 posts left, that’s it. No exceptions.

The feed is reverse chronological, not algorithmic. Post timestamps are vague. Nothing is monetized. There are no likes or follows or noisy notifications. The site’s only visible metric counts down, showing how many posts each user has remaining.

How disorienting will it be to interact on a platform that doesn’t try to induce endless engagement from your every waking second? What will you say—or make—when freed from infinite demand?

Just like life, Minus has limits. Try it out today and see what online interaction feels like on a social network designed for less.

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Selected Press

The New York Times, The Guardian / Observer (UK), The Atlantic, La Presse (Montreal), Ocula Magazine, CLOT Magazine (UK), RTÉ (Ireland), Franceinfo (France), la Repubblica (Italy), Hyperallergic (US), Fast Company (US), Gizmodo (US), Mashable (Italy), Forbes (Brazil), Usbek & Rica (France), Input Magazine (US), B9 (Brazil), Kronen Zeitung (Austria), Boing Boing (US) Newsweek


Minus was created and is maintained by Ben Grosser and commissioned by arebyte Gallery (London, UK) as part of Grosser's solo exhibition Software for Less.

Currently, research about Minus is supported through Grosser's upcoming (fall 2023) guest researcher role at Aarhus University in Denmark and his association with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Previously, Grosser spent time researching Minus as a Fellow at Berkman Klein's Institute for Rebooting Social Media.